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    • Mobilefone is a GPS tracking application for locating children, youth, adults, elders, employees and people who travel the world behind your smartphone or tablet instead of a separate GPS tracker. Mobilefone uses GPS and other technologies to provide the best updates GPS location even indoors. The geo-fence alert and panic button let you monitor and protect your family, employee or student as they travel to high risk areas. The monitoring system has Mobilefone patent pending technology that works globally in technology. Mobilefone is also available on selected satellite phones provide tracking and security in the most remote places on earth.
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    If you're like most parents, you do not like to be worried about where their children are, if they are safe at home or if they are playing outside, or if you have a family who cares you know where. With your family can share MOBILEFONE safe location wearing only thing I ever took - Smart Phone. Keeps everyone in touch, lets you see where everyone is in real time and gives you peace of mind where your children or your family are.
  • Mobilefone is a mobile security solution for universities and colleges to reduce risk by improving preparedness and response to threats to people and places that you protect every day.

    Show students that you care about their personal safety. The community is asked to care for the students and is a strong obligation to the University or College student caring to everyone on campus. We can help by placing a direct link between the student and the university or college simply using Mobilefone. Today students worry and live on their smartphones. In an emergency, students or staff of the university or college with a single touch of the application transmit location / exact location to the security department of the University or College to meet the emergency in that time.

    Thus, the university or college increases the security of your property, the image and reputation, and parents know that their children are safe.

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