is a division of GPS, which has revolutionized the industry of home security with wireless plug and play. It consists of a system that is controlled by your computer, tablet or through an application for smart phones easy to use. 

Our mission is that everyone can have peace and security within an intelligent security.

The heart of the system is its MOBILEGUARD advanced technological architecture that allows a safe and reliable protection between you and your home communication, no matter where you are.

MOBILEGUARD offers a powerful security system and safe for your home or business.



MOBILEGUARD have dealers where you can buy our products and services.

MOBILEGUARD Functions: secure, private network for clients MOBILEGUARD


MOBILEGUARD Family safety and peace of a business and family business

The security system provides MOBILEGUARD, all security systems and are controlled through our platform, works with any smartphone, tablet or Microsoft operating systems. The application allows users to interact and control their system operates MOBILEGUARD security anywhere in the world. You can even share video clips and event details with authorized users, emergency contacts, or even the authorities when necessary. The MOBILEGUARD lets you monitor and control the security of your home no matter where you are.


Multi-location Monitoring

Our mobile application allows you to control multiple locations simultaneously from a single mobile device. So you can control your own home, a vacation home, and even with a loved one who lives far away.



24/7 E-mail and Notifications

When an event, you and your authorized users receive email and push notifications alerting you to the problem occurs. You can even send video clips of the event with your family, friends, or even the authorities.




Mobile Enable / Disable

Our centralized control system to activate independently or off MOBILEGUARD system from your smart phone using the mobile ap. You can also put the computer in "Standby" when you are at home to turn off the motion detectors and cameras, leaving doors and windows mode 'activated'.



Control Multi-Tier
Our mobile application allows you to access your security system to friends and family, so that your home is always protected, even when you are away.

The application offers three levels of control: