About Us

MOBILE GPS is a leader in localization and tracking, which is committed to supporting its customers by providing embedded intelligence, precise location technology, customized solutions and services to all customers. 
We understand the business vision of each of our clients as their needs and give them the tools, technology and solutions necessary to succeed. Based in Quito offer services nationally and internationally, with software and solutions that are used worldwide. 
MOBILE GPS focuses primarily on providing solutions for companies dealing in the areas of logistics management and enterprise asset, asset tracking via GPS, advanced security controls, and professional consulting services. 




We are a global partner in localization and tracking committed to supporting our clients and their companies with integrated intelligence, we precise location technology, services and custom solutions.
Our company has the latest security technology, and location tracking, which lets you know in real time the location anywhere in the world. Unlike other service location, tracking, we offer our customers is: 
Major savings in operating costs
Increased productivity
Your Best Option 
Call or contact us to find out how MOBILE GPS can help you for the safety of your car and profitability for your company.