Mobilefone - Family

Keep your children safe and let the whole family to be in contact!

Check the location of your children or your family in real time. Keep your family at your fingertips.

If you're like most parents, you do not like to be worried about where their children are, if they are safe at home or if they are playing outside, or if you have a family who cares you know where. With your family can share MOBILEFONE safe location wearing only thing I ever took - Smart Phone. Keeps everyone in touch, lets you see where everyone is in real time and gives you peace of mind where your children or your family are.


Keep up with what's going through automatic alerts.

As a parent, you know the places that are safe for children (at school, Grandma, soccer practice) and you know which ones are not. By checking the places that will create safe and unsafe areas that are unique to your family. MOBILEFONE will keep you abreast of what is happening with automatic notifications when children enter or leave an area.


Sending / Receiving SOS with the exact location. And children or your family will never lose again.

Maybe you call your preteens like 10 times a day just to see if it got to where it is supposed to be. With MOBILEFONE your child may check-in to let you know that he got there okay. And if you ever get lost, just by clicking a single button you send your exact location. Teach your children to be independent, and stay free of gray in your hair :)


Do you need to know if the school bus arrived at the camp? This is the app for you!

You can located where your children are at any time, tracking the current location of your child or your family in real time and you can get notifications from the location of your child.


We know that privacy is a serious matter because we are parents too.

Most importantly, when a location sharing application used to know that no one but you and your family puden see the location. MOBILEFONE has strict rules to ensure just that and gives you full control over the channel family.



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