MOBILE GPS - Companies & Fleets

Start managing your fleet with our MOBILE GPS solution and thus may reduce unnecessary expenses, save on fuel and control the drivers. Our solution for the transportation industry provides many features to help you learn the information you need.
Features include:

Real-time Monitoring: Display the fleet online from any Internet device. You can enter and quickly see the location of each mobile fleet.

Historical Data: You can view a history of up to 6 months old, which stores routes, speeds, alerts, links, and all relevant info, which allows you to have all the valuable information when analyzing past events.

Panic Button: You will receive an immediate alert via email or SMS in case a driver press the panic button installed on the phone, which improves the security and tranquility of the driver.

Speed ​​alert: You may receive an alert via email or SMS if a vehicle exceeds the limit allowed you authorize.

Geofence alert: You may receive an alert via email or SMS if a vehicle enters or withdraws from a virtual perimeter you previously think.

Reports: Through the panel reports you can view statistics of all the information that is captured and analyzed with our platform, there are different types of reports, and reports to develop customized, depending on your type of business.


Benefits of our solution MOBILE GPS for Fleet and Business


How to improve your business with MOBILE GPS:

The location via MOBILE GPS can provide a list of many benefits and opportunities to improve their business model, keeping your bottom line.

  • Reduce unnecessary overhead costs directly related to excessive fuel consumption, billing errors, overtime costs, fleet maintenance, and unauthorized use of vehicles.
  • Get the lowest insurance rates by up to 35%. Many insurance companies offer discounts on vehicles that have a MOBILE GPS tracking system in real time.
  • Guarantee customer service first class, provided real-time monitoring of the fleet and thus determine deadlines, while ensuring the beneficial use of company vehicles and personnel.
  • Improve vehicle utilization by eliminating unnecessary idle time and operating misuse.
  • Increase employee productivity and efficiency by eliminating timeout / inactivity, and inaccuracies of issue.
  • Develop a strategic program planning transportation routines with advanced vehicle maintenance.
  • Easy access to user information and the quality of the data relating to your specific industry.
  • Provide protection and security staff direct assistance and support.