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MOBILEGPS - Mobilefone - Empresas - NegociosLet employees know that you care about their safety. As head of security operations, there is a duty of care to be provided to people in their company. Mobilefone placed a connection with the operations center up a single tap away on their smartphones.

If employees are on the corporate campus, travel abroad or work in remote areas, with one touch of the mobile security application transmits caller ID, real GPS / Location positioning time indoors, and the nature of the call emergency. You will do your human resources department - and their recruiting efforts - great service, and take into account the personal security for employees when considering a new workplace and environment.

Loss Prevention: Improving the end result of your company.

It may also be responsible for minimizing the damage to the buildings of the company, the loss and theft of company assets or goods. Successfully achieve the goals of your company can save millions of dollars each year. Report faster and more efficient incident management incidents may increase the profits of your business - and the value of your apartment.