MOBILE GPS Satellite Tracking control your vehicles in real time whether for personal, business, corporate, fleet or heavy load. MOBILE GPS searches you have absolute control. We want you to get real data on what happens to your property. No need to be present at the time, you have the ability to know what happens anywhere in the world.

MOBILE GPS offers greater vigilance, efficiency and performance.
With the emerging wave of crime that has been unleashed in our country and as a complement to our chattel security equipment division was born Track and Trace MOBILE GPS Satellite Vehicle

With this technology you can in the case of individual vehicles have a station always alert and monitor their vehicle fleets in the case of companies and yourself can take control of your vehicles.

Individual Car Service:

Our teams of Satellite Location for cars allow you to protect your car at all times, no more worries when you leave your vehicle parked in supermarkets or in unsafe places. With MOBILE GPS you have a group of professionals in coordination with the relevant authorities will help in the recovery of your vehicle.

Our monitoring staff works 24 hours a day 365 days a year ever alert for any emergency. In the case of an event, simply through a phone call you report your vehicle and immediately activate the protocol location of your vehicle. The localization process is almost instantaneous in most cases ensuring that the vehicle is not mobilized long distance and wrongdoers to escape. For more information please contact contact our consultants or click here to contact us

How MOBILE GPS can help your business?

MOBILE GPS, allows your company to keep extensive control of the operation of their vehicles, greatly facilitating and benefiting management of their mobile assets. MOBILE GPS system enables private fleet monitoring in real time, from anywhere in the world via the web, through digitized with national and international coverage, with direct effects on productivity, cost reduction maps and increased security.
With the system MOBILE GPS Satellite Tracking all those companies with transport units may have the details of their vehicles, such as speed, distance traveled, time of operation, where they are, among many other variables that can be measured by a digital element.
MOBILE GPS Satellite Tracking also lets you set the parameters required by each company to control their units, as could be: routes, unauthorized stops, etc. MOBILE GPS team has a report generator which allows you to create databases, statistics, and historical maintenance schedules, travel animations of automotive units, and adapted to the specific needs of the client. For more information please contact contact our consultants or click here to contact us.

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